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iPod meme stolen from Angelrox040

*Put your ITunes, Windows Media Player etc. on shuffle
*For each question, press the next button to get your answer.

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I Don't Want To!

AN: Oh hai. First off, i don't own any of the characters or make any money for writing about them. K, second, this has not been beta'd, and was written literally five minutes ago in my attempt to stay awake until midnight to see the new year.  This is the short lockdown story briefly mentioned in my other Kirk/Spock story.  Unfortunately, Spock doesn't make an appearence in this story, sadly, but he was not necessary.


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*insert creative title here*

Basically a Kirk/Spock fic. First time writing one and posting it, so constructive comments are appreciated. Beta'd by Angelrox040. I do not in any way own these characters or make money from writing about them. I do it for the lolz.

Kirk steps out of the lift and strides over to the captain’s chair.  All of Alpha shift is already present and working at their assigned stations, except for Bones who is there simply because he wants to be and has no urgent matters in Sick Bay.  It hasn’t been even a month since the Narada incident and Starfleet has been giving them mission after mission; dealing with Diplomats, scientific missions to Non-M planets, and being the overall poster child for the Federation being just a few of their easier tasks.  The Captain, along with having to deal with Starfleet keeping tabs on his every move and spending half his time trying to keep his ship in one piece, has his own problems to deal with.  One of these problems being a certain First Officer that, despite all his best efforts, he can’t seem to stop thinking about.  Kirk glances over at the science station where Spock’s back (his lean, strong, sexy back, sitting in perfect military posture, wrapped in that nice form-fitting Starfleet issue Science uniform...whoa, whoa, not on the Bridge!) is facing him.  Kirk slides into his chair and addresses the Bridge at large.

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Black Spots:

Stolen meme for the WIN

Because I have nothing better to do with my Monday morning, with class just 37 minutes away...


1. You can only answer "yes" or "no."

2. You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone messages/comments you and asks. And believe me, the temptation to explain some of these will be overwhelming. Even then, you are allowed to refrain from answering if necessary.

3. It's harder than it looks, but NO explanations! Just don't!

* Kissed any one of your Facebook/Livejournal friends? Oh yes
* Been arrested? No
* Kissed someone you didn't like? yes/no
* Slept in until 5 PM? No
* Fallen asleep at work/school? Yes.
* Ran a red light? Yes.
* Been suspended from school? No
* Experienced love at first sight? No
* Totalled your car in an accident? No.
* Been fired from a job? Yes
* Fired somebody? No.
* Sang karaoke? Yes
* Pointed a gun at someone? No.
* Done something you told yourself you wouldn't? Yes.
* Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? Yes.
* Caught a snowflake on your tongue? Yes.
* Kissed in the rain? No.
* Had a close brush with death (your own)? Yes.
* Seen someone die? No.
* Played spin-the-bottle? Yes.
* Sang in the shower? Yes.
* Smoked a cigar? No.
* Sat on a rooftop? Yes.
* Taken pictures of yourself naked? No
* Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes? Yes
* Skipped school? Yes.
* Eaten a bug? Yes
* Sleepwalked? Yes
* Walked a moonlit beach? Yes.
* Ridden a motorcycle? No
* Dumped someone? Yes
* Forgotten your anniversary? No.
* Lied to avoid a ticket? No.
* Ridden on a helicopter? No.
* Shaved your head? No
* Blacked out from drinking? No.
* Played a prank on someone? Yes.
* Hit a home run? No
* Felt like killing someone? Yes.
* Cross-dressed? Yes
* Been falling-down drunk? No.
* Made your girlfriend/boyfriend cry? Yes
* Eaten snake? No.
* Marched/Protested? No
* Had Mexican jumping beans for pets? No.
* Puked on amusement ride? No.
* Seriously & intentionally boycotted something? Yes
* Been in a band? Yes
* Knitted? Yes
* Been on TV? Yes
* Shot a gun? Yes
* Skinny-dipped? Yes
* Caused someone to need stitches? No.
* Ridden a surfboard? No.
* Drank straight from a liquor bottle? Yes
* Had surgery? No
* Streaked? No.
* Taken by ambulance to hospital? No
* Passed out when not drinking? Yes
* Peed on a bush? No
* Donated Blood? Yes.
* Grabbed an electric fence? No.
* Eaten alligator meat? Yes
* Send food back at a restaurant? No.
* Eaten cheesecake? Yes.
* Eaten kids' Halloween candy? Yes.
* Killed an animal when not hunting? Yes
* Peed your pants in public? No.
* Written graffiti? No.
* Still love someone you shouldn't? No.
* Think about the future? Yes.
* Been in handcuffs? Yes
* Believe in love? Yes
* Sleep on a certain side of the bed? No
* Been in a straitjacket? No.
* Confronted a fear, only to have it become something you would then love? No
* Convinced yourself that someone was not who you thought they were, then been sorry about it? No.
* Have procrastinated on something you shouldn't? Yes.
* Seriously wished someone harm? Yes.
* Wondered why people fill in these things when the questions they ask are often so obviously written by someone with very little to at best limited life experience? Yes.
* Kissed on a Ferris wheel? No.
* Driven a car faster than 100mph? No
* Punched someone with the specific intent of hurting that person? Yes
* Had oral sex with a midget who was wearing clown makeup? No.

For this google meme run a google image search for each of your answers. Your must use an image from the FIRST page of each search, no flicking through to see what you like!

1. Age on your next birthday:
Age 21 Candles Stock Images

2. Place you'd like to travel: Scotland

3. Your Favorite Place: Ireland

4. Your Favorite Object:  a car, specifically the Batmoblie

5. Your Favorite Food: Unagi (mmm...^_^)

6. Your Favorite Animal:

7. Favorite Color:
GreenTreeSurreal.jpg green tree image by Jdhaeussler

8.The  town your were born in: Albany, OR

9. Town I live in now: Along the Oregon coast...

10. Name of Past/Current Pet

11. Name of a Past Love or Favorite celebrity then:

12. Your best friend's name: i can never really pick just one

13. Your Nickname:

14. Your First Name: lot of half naked women on the first page. I picked this one because I liked her jumper

15.Your Middle name: lolz, can't wait to see my last name 

16. Your Last Name: that just figures....

17. A Bad habit of yours:

18. Your First Job:

19. Your Grandmother's First Name:

20. Current College:


Black Spots:

Random free-write @work

Captain's log, Star date 120610

Damn it’s windy. Not the steady kind of wind that it is easy to predict, oh no. This is the kind of wind that will go about its way as a gentle breeze, lulling you in to a false sense of security, then whip up out of nowhere and flip your skirt or muss up your hair. I was fortunately privy to the latter rather than the former, having the personality that keeps my summer wardrobe to shorts and t-shirts at best, but never something as feminine as a skirt. Besides, I’m working today, and I can’t quite justify the practicality of wearing a skirt when your job might dictate you to scrub some floors on your hands and knees.

Anyway, it’s windy. There’s this little, well, maybe not so little, orange and white fish windsock outside my window.  It has spent a good part of its day so far trying to be as horizontal as it can, and is doing quite well I might add. A rather harsh buzzing near my elbow just alerted me to a new text message. It’s from my dear friend Charlotte. She has been planning a Firefly Conversion sleepover party for weeks and I have been trying to get the time off to go. I was unsuccessful. The party has just started and she was texting me to see if I was still coming. I’m so upset! I never get to see her, ever, and the one time when I originally had the time to see her, I got a job. Fuck my life. Fuck it long, and fuck it hard, over a table, up a wall, in the bathtub, and on a park bench. I REALLY WANTED TO GO!!! But noooooo, I had to go get a job and make money, not to mention life a ridiculous distance way so even if I did decide to go, it’s take me two hours to get there, and then two hours back. I’d arrive at around 10, than I’d have to be leaving around 8 the next morning. Sleep would need to happen, but that would be unlikely with so many people high on Firefly awesomeness, and possible drunk. So no sleep, four hours of driving, and the money spent on gas, all sandwiched between two workdays. It’s a no go.

Random, but my sister told my brother the strangest thing the other day. For those of you who don’t know, girls don’t fart. Period. My brother seems to think differently. My sister Katy told Travis that when girls “fart”, the only thing that comes out are hippies and unicorns, not sticky gas like in boys. I just found that very amusing and thought I’d share it with you.

Who are you anyways? You know, I’ve been writing for who knows how long, and I’m not even entirely sure who I’m writing to. I guess it’s just you, the reader, the otherwise nameless entity that is reading my physically manifested thoughts for either your own enjoyment (this is my wish), or because it is being forced upon you by professors or as some new form of torture. I must say, both of those last ones have some appeal to me. I mean, the professor one is fairly obvious, since who wouldn’t want to think that there literary works were worth passing on to future generations. But the torture one sounds good to me as well. At first you might think “its being used as a form of torture, its so bad that it causes people pain! How could you be happy with that?” and as a possibly sane person you would be correct in your assumptions. But think of it this way. Humans as a whole seem to dwell on the negative aspects of their lives more than the positive. It’s a proven scientific fact, so don’t argue. So if you were to be tortured, in any manner, don’t you think those memories, should you live to have them, haunt you for the rest of your life? Well that’s just what I’m getting at! If my writing was used to torture people for information, they will undoubtedly be haunted by my words for the rest of their lives! What better way to live on in the minds of men! I think it’s a just as effective way to go about developing a legacy as it is to write an award winning novel.

Just had a guy come in looking for a RV space.  Did I mention I’m working right now? Well, I’m working right now, surprise! Anywhoo, oops, another person came in…annnnnd another……hang on….and done. Wow, ok, I just got really popular there for a second or two. What was I was I talking about? No matter, probably wasn’t all that important anyways. I’m listening to the Star Trek 2009 movie sound track. The ending credits are my favorite, mainly because it showcases all of the different themes throughout the movie, as well as starting off with the theme from the original TV series ( which is the best, by the way, even with all its cheesy effects and 60’s eye lighting). I’m kinda enjoying my free-write thus far, and I hope you (whomever you happen to be) are as well. I’m mostly doing this because I’m bored. Really really bored. Not much I can do about that unfortunately. I talked to my boy last night. That was really nice. I miss him something terrible sometimes, but it’s getting better. It’s like going through withdrawals for an alcoholic or drug addict. Not to say that I am addicted to him, but I was used to his presence, or at least being able to be near him if I wanted to. Now we are separated by distance and work schedules. Another way work has screwed me over this summer. No matter, I’m thinking maybe when I go to Portland on the 21st that maybe we could get together and have dinner or something. That would be fun. And I could catch-up on tickling him, because lord knows I’m behind on that. 

Ok, I'm done for now.  I only have 40 minutes til I can close *cheers*.  I did acomplish somethings today though.  I finished the laundry, booked some people for a couple nights in a few weeks (all by my self, I;m so proud of me, this is my first day working the office alone afterall), and did some beta work for my friend angelrox040, so I feel pretty good.

Rae out.

Black Spots: