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I Don't Want To!

AN: Oh hai. First off, i don't own any of the characters or make any money for writing about them. K, second, this has not been beta'd, and was written literally five minutes ago in my attempt to stay awake until midnight to see the new year.  This is the short lockdown story briefly mentioned in my other Kirk/Spock story.  Unfortunately, Spock doesn't make an appearence in this story, sadly, but he was not necessary.


"Move it!" Kirk shouts as he sprints towards an open lift, barreling past several yeomen and causing one of them to drop the stack of data pads she was cradling.  Personel all down the hall stare in wide-eyed amazment at seeing their captain behave in such a manner; surely if there was an emergency an anouncement would have been made to the whole ship right? Suddenly the cause for their captain's panic rounds the corner of the hall, and the crewmen as a whole let out a sigh of relief.  It was just Dr. McCoy. The captain must have been trying to avoid some kind of treatment, nothing out of the norm, the good doctor would catch him soon enough.  Kirk races into the lift and slams into the back wall to stop himself, shouting "Bridge!" as the doors begin to close.  He savors a look back down the hallway as Bones tries to catch up, personel moving out of his way or risk an injury. 

"Damn it Jim, its just some shots! With your track record this flu will kill you in-"

Swoosh.  The lift doors seal shut, cutting off Bones's rant.  Kirk leans against the wall to catch his breath.  Its not that he didn't appreciate  Bones's concern or medical opinion, he was just tired of being made into a fucking pin cushion everytime one the crew came down with some foreign flu or disease on a mission.  He knew his immune system wasn't the best, but hell! Its not like he was made out of porcelain or something.  His breathing still hadn't slowed down as the doors opened to the Bridge, and all present in the room turn to look at him.  He was a mess.  His hair was mussed up, breathing heavily, uniform slightly torn at the right sleeve, like someone had tried to tear it off.  There also appeared to be small red marks on his forearm, which were quickly obscured as Kirk tugged his sleeve back into place and spoke to the room at large.

"Are we being attacked?"

He is answered with blank stares.

"I said, are we being ATTACKED?"

One of the helmsmen regained his wits and answered quickly "No sir!"

"Good.  Are there hostiles in the area?"

"No Captain" , the other helsmen answered.

Kirk flashes a smile.

"Great. Get out."

The science officer on duty stands up. "Pardon?"

"Get the hell out, and thats an order."

"But, but Captain, why? Where are we to go? Whats going-"

"I ordered you lot off my bridge, so beat it! Go eat, play poker, arm wrestle a Klingon, what ever you want, BUT. GET. OUT."

Silently and quickly all the crewmen stood up and filed into the lift, giving their captain one last puzzled look as the doors slid shut. Kirk goes to the left of the lift doors and openes a panel in the wall.  He keys in the lockdown code for the Bridge, then his captain's code, and quickly moves over to one of the helmsmen's stations.  There he accesses his own messages and opens a virus of his own invention.  After his first couple failures to beat the Kobayashi Maru, he read up, studied, and became fairly competant with computer programming, and more importantly, how to disrupt it.  This particular virus would make the captain's authorization code the final say for a system, making the medical officer's emergency override codes useless.  While such a virus seems against a persons own safety, in the case of James T. Kirk, Captain, versus Leonard E. McCoy, Md., it is an exception.  Virus implanted, and the Bridge on total and complete lockdown, with himself safely inside, Kirk walks back to his chair and sinks in, awaiting the inevitable call from the doctor any second now.

"Medical to the Bridge"

"Bridge here"


"Calm down Bones, just let me explain..."

"Like hell I will! What got in to your head down there huh?  Scared half my staff, not to mention the crewmen you stampeded in the halls, then cunfusing the hell out of the entire bridge crew!"

"I just don't like you stabbing me with a dozen needles everytime someone gets an Andorian flu and sneezes near me!"

"Well tough cookies boy! I am just taking my primary duty of keeping you alive through this mission seriously.  And what does you, our fearless leader do? Runs and hides in his Bridge.  Damn it Jim, if I prosime to find away to combine the shots into one hypo, will you get yur ass outta there?"

Kirk sits quietly in this chair. Bones always did have a way to cut him right to the bone, part of the reason why they were such good friends.  Slowly Kirk stands up and crosses over to a computer console.  "Fine Bones, you win for now."  Kirk typed a sequence to destroy the virus and lifted the lockdown on the Bridge.

"Great kid, now get your ass back down to Medical."


"Doctor, was he supposed to just colapse like that?"

McCoy finishes settling Kirk's unconscious and limp body on the bio bed, then turns to the nurse holding a tray of needles and vaccines.  "Yup.  I medically can't just go combining medications into one hypo for him.  There are ratios, combinations, and orders of administration to be considered afterall.  I just gave him something to keep him still for an hour while I give  him his dues...now pass me that tray.  I have to get these in him quickly so i can monitor for any bizzare side affects."

The nurse just smiles and passes over the tray.  "Well sir, I hope for your sake that he never finds out about your new method of vaccination, or we may find ourselves doing this all over again."

"Hmph, don't I know it. "


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Jan. 1st, 2011 07:39 am (UTC)
I would not put it past Kirk to do something like this. XD

Dilemma, I have to get up in 4 hours to catch a plane...sleep or no? xD
Jan. 1st, 2011 07:50 am (UTC)
depends, does your plane leave in four hours, or do you have to get up to go to the airport in four hours?
Jan. 1st, 2011 08:03 am (UTC)
We get up to go to the airport in 4 hours.
Jan. 1st, 2011 04:17 pm (UTC)
well, bit after teh fact now, but i would have slept. four hours is better than nothing, and it would have given yuou enough energey to get to your plane and then sleep again.
Jan. 1st, 2011 08:38 am (UTC)
Ha! That put such a smile on my face. I love irascible McCoy and somewhat juvenile Kirk. This was a fun read =)
Jan. 1st, 2011 04:19 pm (UTC)
glad you liked it ^_^ I'll get around to finishing that fencing story one of these days...back then i didn't have time but had the means, now i find i have oodles of time, and no internetz at home to use :/ is this irony? i think it is.
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