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Basically a Kirk/Spock fic. First time writing one and posting it, so constructive comments are appreciated. Beta'd by Angelrox040. I do not in any way own these characters or make money from writing about them. I do it for the lolz.

Kirk steps out of the lift and strides over to the captain’s chair.  All of Alpha shift is already present and working at their assigned stations, except for Bones who is there simply because he wants to be and has no urgent matters in Sick Bay.  It hasn’t been even a month since the Narada incident and Starfleet has been giving them mission after mission; dealing with Diplomats, scientific missions to Non-M planets, and being the overall poster child for the Federation being just a few of their easier tasks.  The Captain, along with having to deal with Starfleet keeping tabs on his every move and spending half his time trying to keep his ship in one piece, has his own problems to deal with.  One of these problems being a certain First Officer that, despite all his best efforts, he can’t seem to stop thinking about.  Kirk glances over at the science station where Spock’s back (his lean, strong, sexy back, sitting in perfect military posture, wrapped in that nice form-fitting Starfleet issue Science uniform...whoa, whoa, not on the Bridge!) is facing him.  Kirk slides into his chair and addresses the Bridge at large.

“Status reports?”

“Starfleet sent us the coordinates for our next mission, ETA is 82 hours and 37 minutes.”

“Great! That gives us a little break for the time being. Damn, I hate being rushed from place to place all the time...”

“Captain, Starfleet has just sent word that there have been Klingon Warbirds reported near the border of the neutral zone and to be on alert for any hostile activity as we pass by.”

“...or not.” Kirk sighs softly, “Thank you, Lt. Uhura.”

Uhura just gives Kirk a small smile then turns back to her station.  While he still wasn’t her favorite person in the universe, Uhura had slowly warmed up to the Captain, and was becoming more aware of subtle changes in his appearance, especially the signs of stress that lined his face on some days.  She also wasn’t the only one to notice...


Kirk jumps slightly in his chair at the voice behind him.  Turning, he discovers that Spock has moved from his station to stand behind him. When in the hell did he do that? I didn’t even hear him...

“Yes, Mr. Spock?”

Spock paused for a beat, something another Vulcan would have picked up on but went unnoticed by Kirk, before continuing.

“Captain, based on the observations made by myself and other senior officers, it has come to my attention that you may be suffering from a mild case of stress anxiety.  While it has thus far not impeded your, normal, sense of reasoning and ability to lead, it would be a wise decision for you to set aside more time to look after your own mental health while we have this longer-than-average reprieve between scheduled missions.”

Kirk just looks at Spock for a minute, then at the rest of his crew.  Judging from the shifting eyes and slightly reddening faces, it was easy for him to tell who the other “senior officers” were.  While is was a nice that they seemed to care that much about him, he wasn’t about to do anything unless Bones made him. Kirk glances over at McCoy.

“Bones, is this rea-...”

“You need some time off kid. I want you spending at least two hours in the recreation rooms everyday until we arrive at what ever back-water planet they’ve sent us to.” McCoy barked at Kirk.  “And I’ll know if you’ve been in there or not, ‘cause I’ve already told security to inform me if you key into the rooms and for how long.”

“But I’m the captain! You can’t just-”

“Oh, but I can Jim.  One of the perks to being CMO, now shut it.  I want you to start as soon as this shift is over.”  McCoy leveled Kirk with a glare that, after three years, had Kirk conditioned to back down unless he wanted a hypo jabbed into his neck.

Kirk raises his hands in the air in mock surrender.  “Fine, fine, you all win, I’ll go play after work.  But if the ship starts falling apart or we’re being attacked, just remember that I have to play for two hours, uninterrupted, before saving all your sorry butts.  Doctor’s orders.”  He lowers his hands back to his armrests with a cheeky smile on his face.  McCoy grumbles about idiots not knowing what’s best for them and the majority of the crew turns back to their tasks.  Spock however lingers behind Kirk for the rest of the shift, having already completed scans of the area and found nothing of Federation interest.  When the Beta shift crew arrives to relieve Alpha shift, Kirk gives the con to one of the helmsmen and enters the lift, with Spock right behind him.

“You leaving so soon Spock? Don’t you usually like to give the next science officer the run down?”

“If by ‘run down’ you mean debriefing, it was unnecessary as there is little in this quadrant of interest to my team.  Standard sweeps will be performed at intervals throughout the shift but nothing is in need of my current attention.”

Kirk takes that in for a second.  Was is just him, or did it almost seem like Spock was saying something in between the lines?

“So, huh, what is in need or your current attention?”

Spock looks him in the eyes, face totally void of expression.  No, wait, not totally void.  His eyes.  They had a kind of sheen to them, and there seemed to be a slight bit of tension around them, but not very noticeable unless you were really looking for it.  They looked...almost concerned. Concerned for him, or for his captain?  Those eyes really showed more emotion than his face ever did. I wonder if he’s even aware of how expressive his eyes truly are?  Before Kirk could get lost in the enigma that was Spock’s eyes, Spock responds to his question, breaking the small spell.

“My first concern is always, first and foremost, the health and well-being of my captain and the continued performance of this ship’s duty to Starfleet and the Federation.”

Kirk performs an internal facepalm.  What did he expect? For his first officer to say that he was concerned for him, Jim Kirk, and not James T. Kirk, Captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise?  For him to reach out to him, embrace him in those strong arms, and take away all of his worries? Fat chance.  He’s have better luck wrestling that giant red spider-squid on Delta Vega, and winning, then he would with having Spock return his feelings in any fashion.

“Of course Mr. Spock.  So where are you off to then?”

“To the Recreation Decks.”

“Oh really? To do what?”

“To ensure that you perform your prescribed leisure activities as ordered by Dr. McCoy.”

“So what, you’re my babysitter now? Damn it, does Bones really think I’m going to skip out on his orders when he practically threatened to stab me with hypos otherwise?”

“It would appear so, and given past events where you were ordered to rest and refused, going so far as to enter the bridge and put the whole ship on lock-down so the doctor could not reach you, I believe Dr. McCoy has his reasons for asking me to ensure your obedience.”

‘Obedience’, what an interesting word choice.  Oh I’ll be obedient, but not for Bones’ sake.  I’d do anything, anything for you, and you don’t seem to be aware of anything but protocol and this gold uniform...


Kirk pulls himself from his musings, “Yes?”

“Will you be exiting the lift now?”

They had arrived at the recreation deck.  Kirk quickly exits the lift as other crewmen enter it, and starts walking down the hallway.  He honestly has no idea what he’s going to do for two hours here.  Sure, he could go play a game or something with some of the crewmen in a room, but he really felt the need to work out some pent up frustration.  And what better way than through some good old-fashioned exercise. Then he got a brilliant idea, but with what he wanted to do he’d need a partner...

“Hey Spock, I think I know what I want to do, but I'm going to need a partner. Wanna lend me a hand?”

“I cannot fully give you my services without first knowing what it is you intend to for me to do.”

“Fair enough.  Have you ever done any fencing?”

“I am familiar with several different forms of Terran fencing, but I was unaware that you were.  Where did you acquire such skills, if I may ask?”

“Well, Sulu first got me interested in fencing one time at the academy.  He doesn’t know that of course, I just saw him practicing one day and thought I’d try my hand at it. He does classical fencing, using a foil, so I started with that. But as I did more research I found that I preferred the Highland Broadsword technique use by the Scots way back in the day.  Makes more sense, since its based on real combat and trying to chop off your enemies limbs rather than poking their chest and leaving a small bruise.”

“I can see then why that technique would appeal to you.”

Kirk laughs. “Was that a joke? I think it was, you just made your first joke, congratulations!”  Kirk slaps Spock on the shoulder, his hand lingering just a second longer than necessary, before leading them into an vacant practice room.  The room was spacious, giving them plenty of room to move around each other while bouting, and was for the most part empty with the exception of a closet for clothes and a replicator programmed to replicate most sporting equipment.  Kirk walks over to the replicator and retrieves two single-stick practice swords.  They could always use the live steel, but he is a little out of practice and didn’t want to hurt Spock by accident.  He makes his way back to Spock, who is cuffing something on to each of his wrists.

“Gravity modifiers?”

“Yes Captain.  The gravity on Vulcan is...was, higher than that of Earth, making us stronger than most humans in lower gravity environments such as on this ship.  It is only logical that I am given a handy-cap to ensure a fair match between the two of us.”

Kirk frowns.  “Can’t you just call me ‘Jim’ while we’re off duty? It’s weird enough being called ‘Captain’ all day and having people mean it without it happening off duty as well.”

“My apologies Captain, I will endeavour to do so in the future.”

“Gah!” Kirk throws his arms in the air and turns on his heel, briskly walking to the other side of the room to begin some basic stretches.

Spock watches his retreating back with a heavy weight settling on his chest.  Why did he have to go and make him upset? He really isn’t asking much by requesting that he be addressed as ‘Jim’, so why didn’t he? Jim, would you care for a fencing match? Jim, after the shift has ended, would you like to dine with me in the mess hall?  His name sounded so nice, he really should have just said it instead of making him angry. He picks up the practice sword the captain, Jim, had left for him and performs a series of attacks and blocks to re-familiarize himself with the movements.

“You ready?” Kirk had returned, carrying two helmets and a set of gloves for each of them.

“Affirmative” Spock replies, taking the pro-offered helmet and gloves and slipping them over his hands.  They had a soft suede lining that was quite pleasant to the touch.  “Are these gloves replicated?”

“No, I picked them up planet-side while on break during my academy days from a guy in my home town.  He’s a craftsman that still likes to work with real hide.  I commissioned a pair not long before my third attempt at the Kobayashi Maru” Kirk throws Spock a little wink as they walk towards the center of the room and turn to face each other.

“You say you purchased one pair of gloves, yet you brought two.  Did you go back to buy a second pair?”

Kirk blushes slightly but tries to cover it up by looking around the room, anything not to meet Spock’s eyes. “Um, no, I didn’t.  These are a replicated pair, you have the only real set.”

Spock is forced to school his expression before the feeling of surprise shows on his face.  “But Captain...Jim, you sh-”

Kirk throws Spock a quick salute and slams his helmet onto his head, effectively covering his blush that threatens to spread from ear to ear.  Realizing he will get nowhere with him now, Spock performs a salute and places his helmet on as well before settling into a center guard.

“Do you want to go to five hits, or just bout for ten minutes?”

“Which ever is preferable to you.”

“Fine, five hits it is.”

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Nov. 3rd, 2010 08:16 am (UTC)
OH! You have learned how to LJ cut! I feel so proud *wipes a tear away*.....you're going to kill me for that aren't you?

So since you have Kirk and Spock fencing here....I don't have to write that Chris/Zach smut for your birthday right? ;D

I can't wait to read more! <3
Nov. 3rd, 2010 06:26 pm (UTC)
oh no, you're not getting off the hook that easily. I still demand smut for my birthday, but I'll be a little more lack on what the smut entails...
Nov. 3rd, 2010 09:41 pm (UTC)
You need to unlock this! Por favor?!
Nov. 4th, 2010 08:01 am (UTC)
Ooh. I love me some Kirk and Spock. I read all the way through the spock_kirk lj community and am having withdrawal symptoms. So, it's good to see new stories. My favorite thing is how both Spock and Kirk had little internal monologues about the other. I second the motion: more please =) Is it okay if I friend you to see updates?

Edited at 2010-11-04 08:01 am (UTC)
Nov. 4th, 2010 03:51 pm (UTC)
Glad you liked it! Its been sitting in my Google doc account for ages so I just decided "to hell with it" and posted. I'll try to get more up soon, but it may take me a while since school is kinda busy at the moment.
Nov. 4th, 2010 03:09 pm (UTC)
Since angelrox040 promoted you so nicely...
“Fine, fine, you all win, I’ll go play after work. But if the ship starts falling apart or we’re being attacked, just remember that I have to play for two hours, uninterrupted, before saving all your sorry butts. Doctor’s orders.”
LOL, I laughed so hard at that. I imagine Kirk sitting on the floor playing with pieces of a puzzle while things explode around him and people yell and run for their lifes. *snorts*

Oh, you totally need to write the story where Kirk puts the Enterprise on lock-down!! XD

Gravity modifiers?! That's an awesome invention.

There is a change of POV when Spock thinks he made Kirk angry by not calling him Jim. It was a bit confusing and sudden because the general POV is rather neutral and/or Kirk-centric (Also, in the paragraph you wrote named instead of name).

I really liked how you described Spock's emotions through his eyes and kept his actions controlled and IC.

I'm curious how these two silly grown-ups will handle their crush ;D
Nov. 4th, 2010 03:49 pm (UTC)
Re: Since angelrox040 promoted you so nicely...
Yeah, I can see how it is a rather sudden change of POV, but my hope for the story is to have it showing both of them coming to terms with their feelings for one another. I've already decided that Kirk is pretty aware of how he feels towards Spock, but Spock meanwhile has feelings for Kirk, he just hasn't recognized/acknowledged them yet.

lol, now all I can see is Kirk playing with a puzzle!

Nov. 6th, 2010 04:56 am (UTC)
wait, you ended it THERE?

ohhh no no no, that won't do. i demand MOAR MOAR of this lovely little fic.


Nov. 6th, 2010 05:16 am (UTC)
I will be trying to write more this weekend, but I hesitate to make promises. At the very least I might take up the suggestion and write a one-shot of the lock-down incident with Kirk.
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